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Log4Net Log into multiple files

I am using the log4net in one of our application to log the errors alone. So we configured to log the errors into one file "error.log".   After some time we decided to log the errors, warning [See More...]

Getting Started with Objective-C

I was searching for some crisp and easy articles to start learning the Objective-C programming language. I found the below excellent tutorial for Objective-C which explains the concepts in very simple way for beginners. Even though [See More...]

Backup and Restore SharePoint Lists and Libraries

When I heard this first time I was so excited because, mostly we will use the backup and restore at site collection level only. Now SharePoint has the ability to do it for lists and [See More...]

jQuery Data Method - $.Data()

jQuery Data Method - $.Data()  jQuery data method provides the client side caching mechanism to store and retrieve the data in browser memory. Before jQuery we used the custom attributes as part of HTML elements to [See More...]

Drill Down into System.Object

The CLR requires each and every object must be derived from System.Object class. Also each and every class in .NET must have few set of methods. I have created a class in 2 different ways, but [See More...]

SharePoint Form validation using Javascript

SharePoint 2007 forms validations are always happen at the server side. But most of the end users re won’t like this because they need to wait for post back and if the connection is slow [See More...]

Fine Tune SharePoint Application: Performance issue in SPListItemCollection.GetItembyID

I have created a document library for uploading the Contracts related document.  In the application page I have written the code to display the metadata properties like below: SPList list = SPContext.Current.Web.Lists["Contracts"]; SPListItem item = [See More...]

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